Sunday, June 8, 2008

Make way for ducklings!

I recently signed on as a volunteer at Tri-State Bird Rescue, "a non-profit organization whose mission is to achieve excellence in the rehabilitation of injured, orphaned, and oiled native wild birds, with the goal of returning healthy birds to their natural environment." Today was my first hands-on working session. This morning's caseload included 214 birds and at this time, many of these are babies: birds who have become orphaned or otherwise separated from nest and parents. During my shift I took care of four groups of baby birds, mostly robins and bluejays, feeding them on a regular schedule and cleaning their pens about halfway through my shift.

During the morning meeting, the supervisor mentioned they had two domestic ducks who were ready for a home. I made her an offer she couldn't refuse: large pond, 8 domestic ducks already on premises, experience raising ducks from day-old, etc. etc. Yep, they came home with me. They're about 3 weeks old, very cute and fluffy. After a few minutes by the pond, we decided they weren't quite ready for the big wide world yet. We set up their habitat in an enclosed, shady area on the property. They have water, shelter, and about 100 square feet to wander around in.
Oh yes ... they also have a guard dog.


mon@rch said...

Just love the duckies!

Terri said...

Those are big ducks, you sure they're not geese??

Woody looks ready for anything (including dinner!) Have fun with the menagerie!

Susan Gets Native said...

On your first day, you brought home ducks? That rehab is going to love you.

I'm glad I was inspiring enough to lead you down this path. Wildlife rehab is one of the most rewarding ways to spend your time.

Hooray! We got another one! A few more, and I win a toaster oven.

: )

Tiffin said...

It's not a toaster oven, it's a brooder bulb and a pen. ;)