Sunday, June 8, 2008

Buying Local: June 7

  • Milk and eggs from Sunset View Pastures, as usual
  • Broccoli, buttercrunch lettuce, and peas from Briar Hollow Farms. This Amish farm market is only about a mile from home. They have the best corn on the planet, usually available by early July. Because I tend to associate them only with corn, I'd almost forgotten about their potential for other veggies! I'm glad I stopped by.


Tiffin said...

Is that milk in a glass bottle? Completely pea green that you have access to that and wish those days would return. Hate milk in plastic, bags or otherwise.

Laura said...

Tiffin, yes those are real glass bottles! We buy it directly from the Amish farm, wonderfully fresh. I wrote about my first visit to that farm, here.