Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Welcome Woody!

Last week Chris went to his favorite hardwood store to buy wood for some bedside tables he's building. The hardwood store has two labs, who recently had a litter of pups. There was one adorable pup left, but someone had already put down a deposit on him. Chris spent a lot of time cuddling him anyway, and then left, thinking it was about time we thought about getting another dog. Today the hardwood place called; the other family had backed out. So he's ours! He's 9 weeks old and his name, of course, is Woody.


Wendy said...

Oh oh oh - so cute!!! Congratulations!!! Look at that blocky head and those monstrous feet...he's going to be a big boy! Good thing you have that huge yard :)

LauraHinNJ said...

Oh! A yellow dog!


Woody is beautiful! Congrats.

Wren said...

What a cutie. Dogs master that big-eyed soulful gaze at an early age.

Diane said...

What a lucky pup Woody must be. He's quite handsome for a pup.

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