Sunday, January 20, 2008


The geese were late this year. Because our pond is spring-fed, it never completely freezes. So every winter, large groups of geese come to visit. This usually happens around Christmas. Today I noticed a larger than usual number on the pond, and decided to take a picture. My timing couldn't have been better:

First, there were a few geese on the pond:


Then, I heard them coming ...


... in for a landing!


Then it looked like the Jersey shore in July!


A few hours later, many of the geese have moved on. But I know we'll be seeing more of them over the next month. Come spring, we'll be down to just one or two couples who will raise their young here until summertime. We often wonder if any of last year's goslings are in the crowd now. I like to think they are ....


Wendy said...

OMG - that is a TON of birds!!! How cool!

Susan Gets Native said...

Good grief. Looks like there's a sale on shoes or something.

firefly said...

We live right under a flight path for geese going south in autumn and north in late spring. I can often hear them 2 or 3 times a week each season, inside the house, which I love. If I can I get outside to see them as well!

birdchaser said...

Very cool. Hope you'll register as an Audubon Bird Habitat when Audubon Pennsylvania launches their new program later this year.